The atmosphere on this festive and spirit-filled day of the final vows profession of our five Brothers; Bro. Nathaniel Obbih, CSC, Bro. Augustine Sam, CSC, Bro. Michael Quayson, CSC, Bro. John Amponsah Agyemang CSC and Bro. Robert Owusu CSC was filled with overwhelming joy and excitement. The previous night’s service, where the Brothers shared their life stories and prayers with the community, had prepared themselves for this momentous occasion.
The ceremony began with joyful hymns and uplifting music that filled the church, touching the hearts of everyone present. The Holy Family choir from Brafoyaw led the congregation in song, accompanied by a symphony of various musical instruments, creating a harmonious atmosphere of praise and celebration. In attendance were priests from the various regions but more especially from where our Brothers come from, Religious Brothers and Sisters from near and far, family members of our Brothers, friends and loved ones graced the occasion with their presence. The Metropolitan Archbishop, His Grace Most Rev. Charles Gabriel Palmar-Buckle, delivered a profound homily during the ceremony that deeply resonated with the congregation. He started by singing the well-known song “I have decided to follow Jesus,” capturing the attention of the attendees and inviting them to reflect on the commitment and determination required to follow Christ.
Drawing from the lyrics of the song, the Archbishop emphasized the significance of the journey of faith and the unwavering resolve needed to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. He highlighted the Brothers’ definitive decision to follow Christ and their commitment to taking their final vows of obedience, chastity, and poverty. The Archbishop emphasized that by embracing obedience, the Brothers were not surrendering their freedom but discovering a profound liberation in submitting their wills to God’s plan. Continuing his homily, the Archbishop brought the stories of Abraham from the Old Testament and Matthew from the Gospel into focus. He explored their lives as examples of obedience and self-sacrifice, illustrating the essence of the Evangelical Councils. The Archbishop underscored the cardinal virtue of obedience as fundamental to the Brothers’ calling, emphasizing that it was a means of discovering true freedom in aligning their wills with God’s plan.
As the vows were received by the Provincial Superior, Bro. John Badu Affum CSC, the congregation erupted in cheers and applause. There was a strong sense of unity and camaraderie among all those present, recognizing the significance of this milestone for the Holy Cross family, the Church, and the people of West Africa.
The celebration continued at the Province Centre, where a festive reception awaited. The venue was adorned with vibrant banners and decorations, and the aroma of delicious food filled the air. Laughter, hugs, and heartfelt conversations abounded as families, friends, and community members came together to share in the joyous occasion.


Bro. Nathaniel Obbih, CSC,
Bro. Augustine Sam, CSC
Bro. Michael Quayson, CSC
Bro. John Amponsah Agyemang CSC
Bro. Robert Owusu CSC


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